About Asialicious Carnival

Since 2019, Asialicious Carnival’s initiative has always been to promote Asian culture through food and performance.

Our goal for running this event is to present the beauty and charisma of Asian culture through food and fun filled activities, allowing different ethnic groups to understand and work together in a harmonious environment. Through this carnival, we have also created great volunteer opportunities for youth and new immigrants to participate in the community.

Past Events


Due to the on-going pandemic and restrictions imposed by the provincial government, Federation of Asians Canadians Toronto (FACT) continued to hold a three-day drive-in Asialicious Carnival. There was a lot of food from a variety of food trucks and the festival showcased many cultural performances.

On Friday, September 11th a special drive-in screening featured the movie “Ne Zha”. On Saturday, a special surprise tribute firework show was featured dedicated to our essential frontline workers.

Saturday night performances were also live streamed through our social media platforms so that the community can join us in the comfort of their homes to celebrate this amazing drive-in festival of food and fun!

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COVID-19 Information

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